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Nothing Beats Experience.

Pat Rogers Towing has been serving the people and businesses of Kingston & surrounding Eastern Ontario for over five decades. We started with one truck, and a vision. Pretty soon it became two, and then, an entire fleet. We believe in putting our customers first. On the road, in our communities, and in our service focused approach. Our experience in towing stems from working with classic cars, to everyday vehicles, to tractor trailers.
Our Company is about our people and our communities.

Call us today to join our decades of customer service excellence.

Tow & Recovery

From everyday vehicles to tractor trailers, Pat Rogers is your tow and recovery company.

Crane Service

Pat Rogers Towing is your source for crane rentals in South Eastern Ontario.

Repair Service

We are your Complete Auto Service Center! Offering quality service since 1957.

Float & Roll-offs

For the loading, transport, and delivery of all means of heavy machinery.

A Complete List Of Our Services

 - Bus Repairs


 - Engine


 - Hydraulics


 - Mobile Fueling


 - Used & New Parts Supplier


 - Secure Vehicle Storage


 - Trailer Repair


 - Truck Repair


 - Vehicle Inspections - Truck

 - Electrical


- Frame, Alignment & Suspension


- Load Shifts


- 24/hr Mobile Repair Service


- RV Repair Service


- Towing


- Transmission & Drive Line


- Vehicle Inspection - Trailer


- Welding

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